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Seaweed Extracts

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Seaweed Extract

Seaweed Extract

Alginic Acid≥18%  Organic Matter≥50%  K2O≥18%  N≥ 2%  P2O5≥ 2%

Water Solubility: 100%  pH: 7-9  Natural auxin≥800ppm


[Product Description]

The main raw material is imported deep sea ascophyllum, which is enzymatically hydrolyzed and concentrated, and retains the active substances of seaweed to the greatest extent, and its rich in more than 66 kinds of nutrients, including a variety of rare marine elements such as seaweed polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, Alginic acid, mannitol, alkaloids, etc., it also contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids and a variety of natural plant endogenous hormones, providing comprehensive nutrition for plant growth. At the same time, it regulates the balance of crop growth, and allows crops to grow in a healthy and orderly manner.


●The soil becomes loose and the agglomerate structure is formed, which increases the ability of soil to retain water and fertilizer;

●Promote the development of plant root system, and the root system is developed. Improve the absorption and utilization of soil nutrients and water, increase the content of chlorophyll, increase the efficiency of photosynthesis, and greatly increase the yield;

●Adjust plant growth in a balanced way, promote flower bud differentiation, increase fruit setting rate, and reduce fruit drop, cracking, and deformed fruit;

●Improve quality, promote the accumulation of dry matter of crops, increase the sugar content of fruits, taste good, sell well, and extend shelf life;

● Stimulate the activity of the defense enzyme system in the plant. Enhance crops’ resistance to cold, waterlogging, and salt-alkali etc.


●Foliar spray: diluted 800-1500 times, foliar spray 15-20 days/time.

●Drip irrigation and flushing: it can be diluted 500-800 times, and it needs to be diluted twice. The dosage is 5001,000 grams per mu (the dosage can be increased or decreased according to the specific situation).


●This product can be mixed with most pesticides. It is recommended to test in a small dose before mixing to determine the compatibility of the product. It can not be mixed with strong acid and weak-base pesticides.

●The product is brown after dilution, the crops with light fruit color should be sprayed before flowering and fruiting as much as possible. It is recommended to spray or drip irrigation in the later stage.

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