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Engrais aux algues et aux protéines de poisson

  • Engrais à base d`algues et de protéines de poisson
Engrais à base d`algues et de protéines de poisson

Engrais à base d`algues et de protéines de poisson

NPK ≥ 200g / l

Acide humique 30G / l

Acide alginique > 5%

Protéines de poisson ≥ 5%

[description du produit]

Les principales matières premières sont les algues marines importées et les protéines de poisson importées, qui sont concentrées par la technologie de haute technologie. Il préserve au maximum les principes actifs des algues et les composants actifs des protéines des poissons. Il est riche en divers éléments nutritifs, y compris divers éléments marins rares, polysaccharides d`algues marines, Oligosaccharides, acide alginique, Mannitol, hormone endogène naturelle des plantes, protéines de poisson, peptides de petites molécules, acides aminés libres, etc., pour fournir une nutrition complète pour la croissance des plantes.


Rooting and nourishing roots and conditioning the soil: This product can greatly promote the growth of the root system, allowing the crop to take root explosively, with fast rooting and thick roots, which can effectively improve the soil structure and increase the ability of soil to retain water and fertilizer.

Promote shoots and flowers, preserve flowers and fruits: This product can effectively store flower bud differentiation and the tapping and maturity of fruit trees, adjust the balance of crop nutrient growth and reproductive growth, and achieve the purpose of maintaining flowers and fruits.

Comprehensive nutrients, improve quality and increase yield: This product contains a variety of marine active substances, which can significantly improve the photosynthesis of crops and the ability of roots to absorb nutrients, increase the storage of crop dry matter and flavor substances, promote the color of expanded fruits, good surface gloss, and sugar content Increase, high crop yield and good quality.

Frost resistance and stress resistance, strong plant: This product can enhance the activity of plant defense enzyme system, improve crop self-immunity, enhance crop resistance to drought and frost and other stress resistance, and plant robust.


Flushing and drip irrigation: it can be diluted 300-500 times. The recommended dosage per mu for vegetables, melons and fruits is 5-10KG, and the recommended dosage per mu for fruit trees is 10-20KG. (The dilution factor and the dosage can be adjusted according to actual conditions)


Avoid exposure to the sun, store in a cool and dry place. 

Shake well if there is precipitation, it will not affect the use

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